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Governor Xie Fuzhan visited Maosheng group

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Governor Xie Fuzhan visited Maosheng group

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On June 5, 2015, Xie Fuzhan, governor of the people's Government of Henan Province to the lush group inspections, group general manager Zhao Zhiyong accompanied by Xie governor visited the group's newly built research building, the largest food processing research laboratory and the company's production and processing workshop.

Xie governor while walking, he is very concerned about the company's business situation, and constantly asked this year the situation of the entire food processing industry, the company responsible person to thank governor detailed report on the situation in this year's food industry and the company to take the response. Xie governor encouraged at the same time also to the company proposed ardent hope: encourages companies to continue to increase investment in scientific research, innovation, efforts to carry out industrial upgrading. Take a product quality, excellent service, innovation ability of the industry leader!


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